Contested Agronomy: whose agronomy counts?

Contested Agronomy: whose agronomy counts? is a conference about the battlefields in agricultural research, past and present.

23-25 February 2016
Institute of Development Studies
Brighton, UK

Download the conference programme (PDF, 1MB)

Conference themes

The main theme of the conference is the politics of knowledge within the field of agronomy.

Case studies of historical or present day significance to the developing world were invited. These cases included the history or nature of contestation; actors and coalitions; political and institutional drivers and dynamics; and the implications of contestation (e.g. for the field of agronomy, for researchers and research institutions, for journals, for policy or for farmers).

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Introductory paper

Knowledge politics in development-oriented agronomy (PDF)
Jens Andersson and James Sumberg, November 2015

What does contested agronomy mean to you?

We asked participants to share their thoughts on contested agronomy, and how the idea has changed their thinking.

Organising Committee:

  • James Sumberg (Institute of Development Studies/STEPS Centre)
  • John Thompson (Institute of Development Studies/STEPS Centre)
  • Ken Giller (Wageningen UR)
  • Jens Andersson (CIMMYT – International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center)